Jerry Garcia measures pothole

Grateful Dead founding member Jerry Garcia is alive, well and helping disabled folks in the UK to get over their pothole frustration.



You’ve heard of Tebowing, Owling, Planking, Jolie-ing. Well here’s to Potholing. It’s got to hurt.


Hey, he’s doing it, too!

Scenic Photo Op of the Day (Potholes)

If you’re ever driving near Livingstone in Zambia, you might want to bring your camera. Potholes are so deep you’ll have to take your photo with them.

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Couple Calls For Pothole Action

Crumbling roads and potholes have 2 local residents kneeling down and smiling for a photo by a half-dozen potholes.


More Kneeling By Potholes

Dangerous Potholes make great photo ops.


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