Man Digs Pothole

Unlike crop marks, this is how potholes form


Pothole situation getting worse? We say better!

These gentlemen claim the potholes are getting worse in their town. Worse? Never.

Potholes only get better with age. See their complaints here.

Massive Pothole obscured by annoying foreground image

 Laindon, UK resident Ronald Hilson completely ruined this photo of the huge pothole blocking his street. 


Pothole rescues car from driver

Local woman saddened when her car decided to stick in a pothole.

Was she rescued?

Pothole Lounge Chair

Nice one kid.


Girl Sticks It To Pothole

The potholes on a Glascow road are so bad, a local reporter had to stick a copy of her newspaper into one just to measure how deep it was.

It was as good for her as it was for the pothole.


Potholes Cause Duo to Look Off into Distance

2 women strike a pose fitting to a story about how potholes will get worse, not better for one town.

Cue Minister of Potholes.

Potholes as Muse

A user submitted this Pothole Art project created by Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano.

See the entire collection here