Top 10 People Posing with Potholes

I may not be posting too often on this site now, so here’s a collection of the best of the worst top pothole posts.

If you don’t believe people take photos with potholes, just look at these 100+ posts.

And remember, when you see a pothole, smile!

1. He’s a clutz and it shows - Link

2. WhatchamadowithmyAhh street? - Link

3. Blonde measures pothole with yard stick - Link


 4. Pothole and the Pissed Pensioner - Link


5. Pothole Frustrates Local Man - Link

 6. Queen Pothole, with Freddy Mercury - Link


7. Pothole Swallows Person - Link

8. Groveling by Pothole Gravel - Link


9. Old Man and the Sea, er, Pothole - Link

10. The Town That Frowns at Potholes - Link

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