Posing With Potholes

Oct 17

Pothole Victimization Begins

Essex County is paying people who’s vehicles were damaged from local potholes. Oh, and I’m sure the cars did NO damage to the poor potholes.


Hey Tucson, Vote NO on Prop 409

This city road repair bond, Prop 409, will repair thousands of potholes and you don’t want do you Tucson? 

Oct 16

Man Plants Tree in Pothole And Points To It

Venkatachalaiah: “I felt bad to see all these people fall and decided to do something.” 

Nothing wrong with pretty potholes we say!

via India

Oct 15

30,000 Potholes Massacred

Alert the international court. Pothole filling must stop.

RIP 30,000 beautiful potholes that were filled in one UK county this year

Gopher hole confuses woman

She was looking for a pothole. She found a gopher

Oct 13

Woman welcomes pothole with open arms

Welcome to the neighborhood pothole, says Cllr Karen Chilvers!


Oct 11

Man risks all to look into Danger Pothole

Danger is this suited man’s middle name!

Thanks Geico

Oct 09

Dogs groomed in potholes

LA residents love their dogs almost as much as they love their cars. One local entrepreneur is using potholes to her financial gain. 

Well done LAdy!  

Oct 07

Pothole fashion week: Stripes rule the roadways

This season the pothole style blogs are all over horizontal stripes!


Oct 05


Oct 04

Malaysians look to pothole puddle for answers

When it rains in Malaysia, it’s customary to look into potholes. If you stare long and hard enough your future will be revealed!

Let’s hope these 3 guys found what they were looking for.